MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher

The course will start as soon as there are enough applications from our Mediyoga Instructors. Preliminary starting in the fall of 2021

Continuation course for Certified MediYoga Instructors

This is a course designed for you to go further and intensify your knowledge of yoga and become a professional practitioner with MediYoga as a therapeutic tool and philosophy system. This is not only a journey deeper into the fantastic world of yoga, but also a journey into your own self.

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Be a MediYoga professional

The International MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher program is a continuation of the Internationally Certified MediYoga Instructor course and consists of 830 hours of study over and above the 120 hours of MediYoga Instructor training.

A MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher is a professional MediYoga practitioner and is certified to instruct regular yoga classes as well as therapeutic rehabilitation classes, and to conduct individual therapeutic sessions with tailored yoga programs.

The International MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher course teaches participants to master yoga techniques and to understand the deeper dimensions of what yoga is actually about, where people are regarded as energy beings in a quantum physics sense. The course also teaches an understanding of ill health from a yogic perspective.

The course in based largely on the individual experience of what yoga as a tool can offer you so that you can then care for your clients and teach a variety of classes as a MediYoga therapist and MediYoga teacher.


Course goals

As a MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher you must be able to work with yoga as a therapeutic tool and to instruct open classes and rehabilitation groups, and to provide individual guidance as a yoga therapist. The course is also intended to convey a profound individual experience of yoga and meditation and an understanding of what the many thousands of ancient techniques can offer in the form of health, balance and consciousness when practiced intensively and on a regular basis.

Scope of the course

The MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher course is a total of 830 hours over three semesters during which 30 full days are divided up into two days a month, five times per semester. Of these 830 hours 210 hours are scheduled lessons and 620 hours are split between theoretical homework, practical self-training and individual work with clients, students, groups, patients, friends and colleagues.

The course also involves theory, training and practical tasks.

An Internationally Certified MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher has completed at least 1,050 hours of training, including 100 hours of medical studies, 120 hours of study in the MediYoga Instructor course and 830 hours of the MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher course.

Course structure

The following is included in the course:
• Yoga theory and practice: around 100 different yoga programs
• Meditation theory and practice: around 100 different meditations
• Mantra and sounds, in theory and practice
• Pranayama, the meaning of breath and different yoga breathing techniques in order to understand when to use them.
• The human energy system, including the Chakra system
• Understanding people as energy beings
• Understanding ill health from an energy perspective
• Diagnosing individual imbalances in the energy system that lead to physical, mental and emotional health problems
• Ayurveda in theory and practice and how it intersects with yoga
• Instruction in the role of a yoga teacher
• Training in holding therapeutic sessions and meetings with clients
• Practical information about how a MediYoga therapist works, focusing on ethics and teaching methods
• Yogic philosophy and ethics
• Exercises to gain confidence as a yoga teacher
• Training in instruction, guidance and retaining your own energy in all situations and in all classes
• Feeling confident as a MediYoga therapist in order to help people with all types of ailments and stand firm in who you are.
• Practical and theoretical tests


Practical information

You can apply to become a MediYoga therapist and yoga teacher if you are an Internationally Certified MediYoga Instructor*(Link to MediYoga Instructor course)*

$1650 per semester including VAT (the course has three semesters).

Once you are accepted to the program you will receive a bill to pay of $350, which is the registration fee and guarantees your place. The remaining SEK $1300 is payable no later than four weeks before the start of the course.

The registration fee will not be refunded if you cancel your course later than four weeks before the start of the course. Up until that time the registration fee is refundable minus an administration fee of $250.
 If you leave the course while a semester is in progress the remaining portion of the paid course fee will be only be refunded if a valid doctor’s certificate is presented.






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Materials included in the course: 
• Handbooks and literature which you receive on teacher-led days
• Videos available online from each day of the instruction
• Diploma (after passing the course)
• MediYoga therapist pin (after passing the course)



Head teachers:
Elisabeth Engqvist
Anders Engqvist
Dr. Tejal: Ayurvedic yoga teacher. Lectures in Ayurveda.
Marie Gershagen: MediYoga therapist and Swedish teacher. Lectures on how everything we eat, do and think affects our health.
We also have several guest lecturers, varying from semester to semester.

Course content

The content may vary from semester to semester as the guest lecturers cannot always come on the same date.

Content 1st semester:

• Breathing – fundamental mechanisms and health effects
• The Chakra system – the core of MediYoga as a therapeutic tool
• Meditation – Why and what is it?
• Sadhana – individual daily yoga practice
• The therapeutic session
• Semester exam

Content 2nd semester:

• Mudra – Why and what is it?
• Mantra – Why and what is it?
• Ayurveda – Yoga’s sister system, research
• Individual practice – Why?
• Offering separate individual sessions
• Semester exam

Content 3rd semester:

• Yogic philosophy
• The 10 bodies – a complementary energy system
• Working as a yoga therapist
• Working as a yoga teacher
• Rules of ethics
• MediYoga as an integrated part of care and occupational healthcare
• Final exam
• Certification


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive an International MediYoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher diploma from MediYoga International.  Graduation requirements:

• You are an Internationally Certified MediYoga Instructor
• You have had 100% attendance at all instructor-led lessons
• You have passed all of the practical and theory exams
• You have taught at least 25 yoga classes with at least three people in each class. This must be documented with dates, locations, number of participants and which yoga programs and meditations were used.
• You have had at least 11 individual client sessions with 11 different individuals outside of the instructor-led lesson time. All sessions must be documented in writing.
• You have signed the rules of ethics that apply for MediYoga therapists and yoga teachers.

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