I’ve got Covid-19

Time to clean out the storage. I’m sitting sorting little things of all kind when my body starts to feel heavy, and later in the evening I’m cold, tired, having a sore throat. Next morning I’ve got cold symptoms; I’m tired, my nose is runny, and I have a sore throat. My hope is that it’s only a regular cold. I’m hoping it is a regular cold! I’m hoping, I’m hoping.

I’m doing my yoga practice in the morning – a soft, gentle yoga to keep calm, to strengthen my immune system.

After 5 days with the same symptoms, I’m getting more and more tired. My lungs are starting to sting, and my ability to smell and taste is gone. On and off during the day my breath is getting heavy. Now it’s really hard to keep these thoughts away; “is it Covid-19 that I have? How dangerous is it since I’m not in the risk group?”

It now feels important to strengthen my lungs, and to do everything I can to keep the virus from going further down in my windpipe and lungs. I’m laying down on my back, starting to take long deep breaths. Afterwards it feels better. My breath isn’t as stinging as before. The following day the stingy feeling in my lungs is back. I’m starting my breathing exercise again, doing it again and again. Continuing the following days. I’m feeling better and better for each day, and after 3-4 days the funny feeling in my lungs is gone, even though my taste and smell still is totally wiped out. I’m continuing, once or twice a day, with my breathing exercise for 10 minutes each time, since it’s hard to tell if the fatigue derives from my body fighting the virus, or if it’s because my lungs and the oxygen uptake is affected.

I’m reading the Public Health Authority’s home page, where it says that the most common symptoms of Covid-19 are a total loss of taste and smell. So I’m continuing with my breathing exercise, yoga, and meditation to keep me sound, both mentally and physically, since I’m now realizing it most likely is Covid-19 that I have. To know for sure a test will be needed, and since I’m not in the risk group nor am I working within the health care system, a test is no alternative. We isolate the whole family, me being in this bubble of no taste or smell. A few times I forget things on the stove, that burn when I’m doing other things in the kitchen. Because without my ability to smell, it is easy to forget something’s cooking. Every morning starts with yoga and my breathing exercise. A few days I’m too tired to do yoga, so I’m only doing my long deep breaths.

For a total of 11 days I’m without any sense of smell and taste, but my senses slowly returns. It doesn’t happen overnight getting my senses back a 100%, like when the sense of taste and smell disappeared. It takes a few days to regain the full palette of taste.

After 3 weeks I’ve fully recovered, except for a little fatigue that comes and goes. I’m hoping I’ve gained antibodies, and that I’m now being wonder woman when it comes to the Corona virus Covid-19. I’m hoping that me and my family made it, that we all developed antibodies so that we can go and visit my mother. But visiting my mom  gets to wait until we know for sure. And completely sure I cannot be without being tested, even though it most likely is Covid-19.

You can regain the virus, you might think. Yes you can, and that’s why I continue keeping a social distance, doing breathing exercises, and yoga.

Elisabeth Engqvist


MediYoga International AB

Breathing exercises:

Studies shows that breathing exercises both strengthens and cleanses the lungs, so weather you’re healthy or sick, has had Covid-19 or not – breathe!

Let your belly relax so that it can expand when you inhale. Inhale so much that the chest is heaving. Paus for a short while, and then let your body expel the air in its own pace. Help your body expel the air completely, so that you get a good start on your next breath. To lay down and breathe can be easier than sitting up, since all muscles in the back and belly involved in breathing better can relax when laying down.

Do this breathing exercise every day for at least 10 minutes. Breathe on your own, with your partner, or with your whole family. Let the kids expand their bellies like a balloon when inhaling.

Your mind is also getting quiet, which is a bonus.

I did the following exercises when I was sick:

Now I’m doing:

If you want to try them out, you’ll find them on MediYogaPlay, free until June 30th.  

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