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MediYoga USA provides free classes through a special grant by Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery services.

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As an internationally certified MediYoga instructor you can offer simple and well tried and tested yoga tools to your clients so that they can start a process of change toward better health and well-being.

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We have been researching the MediYoga method since 1999. We want to inspire, support and participate in scientific yoga research, and to the spread the word all through society.

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Villa Dorothea

MediYoga has partnered with Villa Dorothea Retreat. A MediYoga retreat is a journey that provides memories and experiences for life; a journey toward happiness and personal development.

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Do you feel stressed? Find calm anywhere, anytime. Start a 14-day free trial and then pay $8.99 per month. Stream online, download and practice yoga whenever you like

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Research – Knowledge – Education

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MediYoga was specifically developed to be used in a therapeutic context – a modern yoga method with roots stretching back thousands of years. All MediYoga instructors have medical training. Become one of us!

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MediYoga-Instructor Level 1

Become a international certified MediYoga-Instructor Level 1.

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MediYoga Play – Starter Packs

Starter pack 1

A short and powerful program which has been part of several different research studies and and always shown good results.

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Starter pack 2

A yoga program that relaxes your back and can help balance the autonomic nervous system

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Starter pack 3

The first MediYoga program ever made. Tested at Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden as a back study in 1999 and then again in 2012 with good results.

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We love to learn about people experiences with MediYoga. Share a photo from your favorite yoga place with us; tell us about your regular MediYoga class or how MediYoga has affected your health and how you feel. Share with us on social media!

MediYoga in health care

MediYoga is used today as a supplemental treatment tool at health clinics in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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