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MediYoga, medicine and yoga. A match made in heaven!

An example of how MediYoga works in practice is that high blood pressure can be quickly lowered with the help of many types of modern medications. They treat the symptoms but not the cause, and without medication the symptoms come back. This is where MediYoga comes in as a holistic technique that balances physical, mental and emotional aspects to get to the root cause of the problem. Medication provides acute help in lowering blood pressure but with regular MediYoga (at least three times a week) the causes can be reduced or entirely disappear so that blood pressure levels return to normal and medications can be phased out.

MediYoga is a combination of the disciplines of medicine and yoga and aims to be a bridge between the two. Stress and mental health problems are rising. On a daily basis we see alarming reports on how the mental health of young people is quickly deteriorating. Modern medicine provides excellent emergency treatment, which means that more and more people are surviving serious diseases. But there is a lack of knowledge and techniques to handle the increase in lifestyle-related diseases such as burnout syndrome, which has increased by 600% over the past decade. We are hearing more and more about integrative medicine around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has for many years been urging member states to focus on a more holistic approach.

MediYoga is a medical and therapeutic yoga method based on clinical practice and research. MediYoga can be done lying down, while seated, slowly, actively, briefly or for a long period, depending on which program is chosen. MediYoga is essentially suitable for everyone who wants to feel better, whatever their situation at the start. If you can breathe, you can do MediYoga.

MediYoga is yoga according to a recipe with five different ingredients: breathing, physical exercise, hand positions, focus and mantra.

To achieve both a mental and physical change it is more important to pause for a moment of yoga every day than to have a two-hour yoga class every Sunday. This has been proven by both research and experience.

Since we have different physical and mental challenges, the best approach can be to find a program that is just right for you. You will find many MediYoga programs of different lengths and levels of difficulty at MediYoga Play or find an in-person instructor class near you.

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