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  • Are there any spaces left?

    In the information box on the right of the course description you can see how many spaces are left on an individual course or at a retreat.

  • Do I have sufficient medical expertise?

    At least 100 hours of study in anatomy and physiology are required in order to take the instructor course. You must be a certified MediYoga instructor to take our continuation course. The first sections of the MediYoga Kidz and MediYoga Exhaustion Relief courses, as well as the Stress & Burnout course, are open to all and no medical knowledge is required.

  • How can I contact a MediYoga instructor?

    The easiest way to find a MediYoga instructor is through the MediYoga service in your area.

    /mediyoga-close-to-you/ Search in your area and find the nearest MediYoga instructor.

  • Where can I try MediYoga?

    You can find the MediYoga classes closest to you through a MediYoga service in your area.


  • Questions about MediYoga Play, website or app

    Here you can see a list of the most common questions that we get.

    If you don’t find an answer to your question you are welcome to reach out to our customer service by mail.



  • I want to end my MediYoga Play subscription

    Log in to: usa.mediyogaplay.com/sign_in 

    Click on “My account” and then on “Subscription.” You can end your subscription here.

  • I’m having a problem logging in

    Click on login and follow the instructions.


  • Need a new password? Request a new password here.

    Click on the login for which you have forgotten your password and follow the instructions.


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