How MediYoga Works

Your energy affects all of you

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Symptoms of stress and illness

Stress starts in the brain – your brain perceives a threat and reacts by sending a signal to secrete stress hormones to give you a better chance of surviving the threat.
How should you handle the stress you feel in your body? You can treat the symptoms of stress but actual stress management needs to take place at the mental level because that is where the on and off switch is.

MediYoga class with five components

Each MediYoga class has five components, all of which are equally important because you need to balance both your mental and physical well-being:

  • Exercises for the body (physical)
  • Hand gestures (physical)
  • Breath control (physical and mental)
  • Mantra/words (mental)
  • Focus (mental)

Gentle, seemingly simple exercises go deep and balance the whole of you: physically, mentally and emotionally.

All exercises are rhythmical and follow your breath. One example of an exercise is the common back stretch which helps all the energy flows throughout the body and can allow energy to start circulating in areas where the flow has been at a standstill.

If you practice MediYoga regularly, old memories, emotions and sometimes even old aches and pains may arise – this is part of the cleansing process. And with all types of cleansing, it feels great when it’s done. If you wonder about anything that comes up during your MediYoga class, you are always welcome to contact us.

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