A new way of tuning in and out

The only thing we know for sure is that everything changes and that changes must take place for things to develop. We are now changing the way of tuning in and out- upgrading it to present times.

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5 Quick Tips How to Reduce Anxiety

"First thing you should do when you feel anxious is to breathe,” says Tom CEO at the OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) Center, in Los Angeles, CA. We give you 4 more tips on how to reduce anxiety.

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5 Quick Tips on How To Strengthen Your Lungs

A common symptom of Covid-19 is that your breathing is affected, since this virus is likely to attack the airways and lungs. Studies show that breathing exercises both strengthens and cleanses the lungs. So whether your ill or healthy, has had – or currently is suffering of Covid-19, be sure to inhale deeply and exhale completely when you breathe. Your breath keeps your body oxygenated, but your breath also stretches and exercises your diaphragm, and muscles in your ribcage. “If the lung capacity is reduced, it’s even more important that your lungs are in physical good condition, says Leif Bjermer, Professor of Heart and Lung Disease at the University of Lund, Sweden”.

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Lost Connection