We receive testimonials both from healthcare professionals and from MediYoga practitioners.

From healthcare professionals

Yani comes twice a week to work with my adolescent patients at the behavioral hospital I work at. While a lot of the patients first reaction is “I don’t do yoga” or “I don’t think I will get anything from going” there is always a minimum of two patients she teaches a new way to cope. I can’t begin to list the times she changed a patient’s whole day by affecting their mood, from decreasing anxiety to helping them distract their brain from auditory hallucinations.. she makes a difference. I have patients that return to the hospital often, and look forward to yoga, because they remember how much it helped them get through the day. Not only does her sessions affect patients in a positive way, it helps staff that stay in the session have a calmer day as well. We are blessed to have her at our facility.

Erika Collier
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, BBHH

The way in which mental health is approached is constantly changing across time. Therefore, our activity department is always seeking new methods to provide our patients with the care they deserve. Yani’s contribution and hard work has further enhanced the class of activities our department offers to the patients. Implementing yoga into our weekly schedule has created numerous positive changes within our patients. Yani always makes each patient feel welcomed and appreciated, which is one of her many wonderful qualities. I can’t emphasize how many patients have expressed their gratitude for Yani and her sessions. With this, Yani has given our patients a new coping skill that they are able to utilize once they discharge. We hope that will continue to bring her light and loving energy into our hospital.

Arnold Xochicalli
Activity Coordinator, BBHH

I have had the pleasure of sitting in on multiple yoga therapy sessions conducted by yani. Yani’s therapy sessions are therapeutic and have impacted with nothing but positive energy. Yani is very patient and takes her time to connect with her consumers and makes sure that each and every individual in her therapy session receives the best yoga instructions. This is beneficial because the yoga sessions are therapeutic to the consumers that are present.

Nina Thompson Mental Health Worker, BBHH

From practitioners

  • Sometimes I recognize signs of depression – My husband of 48 years died; my dog of 17 years died; I am all alone – my kids are scattered all over   Doing this program has helped me so much…..
  • Increased flexibility & Mobility; Improved sleep pattern; Breathing right technique has helped with relaxation.
  • Multiple comments: Ache and pain in joints back and hips gone. Swelling do to lymphedema has gone down would appreciate an ongoing program!  Very helpful! The trainer excellent – she exemplifies young benefits!!
  • I sleep better, that is I fall asleep faster when I do the deep breathing conscious breath.
  • I have COPD I can breathe better and my blood sugar is lowered.
  • Less stressed, less pain in neck
  • I don’t have to go to the chiropractor with my back pain.
  • More calm, easier to get myself to a calm place after being stressed out.
  • Sleep better. 
  • Greater flexibility helps me to sleep.
  • The A1C test information about average levels of blood sugar over the past 3 months. since I started yoga it has gone down from range bad have to start taking medicine to good do not have to take medication
  • I have Friedreich’s ataxia a disease that causes damage to the nervous system, doing yoga has helped me with better circulation and less dizziness.
  • Less pain in my body.
  • Lowered my blood pressure.
  • My ankles are not swollen anymore.
  • Help my bowel 
  • I enjoyed the yoga class.  It has helped me in my breathing.  Thank you for the class and I hope there will be more.  I have several friends that sound interested.
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