The company

MediYoga is more than a yoga method and a company; it is a way of life, a passion for life and a powerful technique for self-development, better physical and mental health and all that helps us feel good along the life’s journey.

In 2003 Elisabeth Engqvist decided to try yoga as rehabilitation after experiencing serious burnout. It was a life-changing decision in which both Elisabeth and her husband Anders left their managerial positions in the business world to instead take extensive yoga instructor courses. In 2005 they started what would become MediYoga International AB. 

In 2009 they decided to join up with IMY (institute for medical yoga) in Stockholm to focus on therapeutic yoga, and this is how what is now MediYoga was created as a yoga method, brand and company. We were responsible for developing MediYoga in all countries outside Sweden, which IMY would be responsible for.  And the success continued. 44 people registered to participate in our first Nordic MediYoga instructor course in Oslo in 2009.

“We want to offer MediYoga courses that reflect our love of working with yoga as a way to make the world a little kinder”. Anders and Elisabeth

In 2015 we started working with Helen Miller Lynch who has established MediYoga in California where it is now offered at six clinics and hospitals. A couple of years later the first MediYoga course was launched in Denmark

Today our brand is registered in 14 countries. We have MediYoga courses in Norway, Denmark and California, USA. We also have an English language international course in Copenhagen and workshops in Prague, Czech Republic and Genoa, Italy. We offer MediYoga Play, a digital MediYoga services online and an app. We are aiming to start MediYoga courses in Finland, and who knows what else will happen along our journey. We are going with the flow, and with our invaluable, wonderful partners, we are continuing to develop MediYoga around the world

The founders are wife and husband team Elisabeth Engqvist and Anders Engqvist. Both have many years of experience in leadership positions in marketing and sales. In 2005 they turned their full attention to yoga and neither of them has looked back. Their work today has become a lifestyle – a way of life.

They live outside Stockholm in a small house that is painted red and have an adult daughter and a miniature poodle. 

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